climbing the thermals

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About this Website

This is a private website without any commercial interest or background. It is targeted at a worldwide audience. Thus, most content is presented in English language.

See also Legal Notice - Impressum and Privacy Policy.

The Author

I am an engineer and developer, nowadays primarily active in the field of embedded open source software, Linux and network technology. I am from Germany, but lived abroad for many years (China, Austria) and enjoy contact with foreign cultures and people with an international mindset. My personal interests include Chinese language (普通话), Chinese culture and Wok cooking, Sci-Fi, Jogging, Fitness, Skiing, Diving, Trekking and Flying glider airplanes (hobby pilot). I like Rock, Metal, 80s and Jazz music and am currently located in Nuremberg/Germany.

The logo of this website is a mechanical variometer (Stauscheiben Variometer) as used in glider airplanes. The vendor was kind enough to allow me to use this image. Thank you very much.

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